Guaranteed Rent
Guaranteed Rent
Guaranteed Rent Free Tenant Evictions Free Landlord Legal Advice
Guaranteed Rent  Free Tenant Evictions Free Landlord Legal Advice

Landlord Legal

At IPS Property Services we have been helping landlords evict tenants we are a professional company specialising in assisting landlords with the eviction of tenants. Our aim is to legally evict your tenants and get your property back for you as quickly and as simply as possible. We are here to alleviate the pressure and anxiety that this process can cause a landlord. We believe that in order to deliver a good honest service, one needs to understand your situation properly. No situation or tenant is the same. Unlike other companies we give you your own fully qualified Adviser; they will guide you through every step of the process, giving you confidence and keeping you up to date with all relevant detail. We have had many landlords who have encountered the following difficulties: -


• Bad tenant(s) who is/are not paying the rent


• Tenant who refuses to leave the property after the tenancy agreement has come to an end


• Tenant is in breach of some other obligation contained in the tenancy agreement


• We will give you free advice.


• We will assess your claim free of charge.


• We will advise on the course of action you can take.


All this is free.



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